How We Work


Acting as a Purchasing Agent

All suppliers are responsible for CLIENT


Acting as the Owner of the project

All suppliers are responsible for GAIA


Acting as a Consultant

Sharing all our knowhow with clients


FFE & OSE Purchasing

  • GAIA acting as a Purchasing agent
  • Coordinating, seam Diagram, strike off, shop drawings, finish sample, CFA, prototype approvalswith ID
  • Budget management and Value Engineering to complete project within budget
  • Model room build-out experience
  • Pre-approval of any changes prior to purchasing
  • Whole procurement with competitive bidding for project FFE & OSE items
  • Working with our local & worldwide manufacturer database
  • Negotiating supplier payment terms
  • Pointing the equivalent alternative FFE & OSE items
  • Following critical path of procurement process
  • Pre-screened contacts for installation & warehousing management
  • Claims assistance

Budget Control

  • GAIA Procurement Software provides monitoring
  • PO Status with Cost
  • PO Milestones
  • Expediting Report
  • PO-Warehouse Receiving Report
  • Bid Index
  • Bid Comparison
  • Follow up Log
  • Invoice Details
  • Cash Flow Chart
  • Payment Request
  • PO-invoice Summary

Management & Reporting

  • Identifying and developing the client brief
  • Leading and managing procurement team
  • Identifying and managing project procurement risks
  • Establishing communication and management protocols
  • Managing the feasibility and strategy stages
  • Establishing the FFE&OSE budget and procurement programme
  • Managing the integration and flow of design, procurement information
  • Managing the preparation of FFE & OSE design and PROCUREMENT programmes/schedules and CPM networks
  • Advising on alternative procurement strategies
  • Conducting tender evaluation and contractor/supplier selection
  • Establishing time, cost, quality and function-control benchmarks
  • Controlling, monitoring and reporting on procurement progress